ESP32 Conference Badge

TLDR: Just go to to the GitHub repo to grab the code and other related resources.

The “Badge My IoT Life” ESP32 Conference Badge used at CodeMash 2020 is a great little project for learning/practicing solder skills and rapidly prototyping microcontroller projects that require any of these common peripherals:

  • Screen/display
  • User input buttons
  • SD card
  • Speakers
  • LEDs
The ESP32 Conference Badge


• Layout facilitates easy soldering.
• Designed so that key components can be removed and reused in other projects.
• Relatively large 262K color display
• WiFi and Bluetooth/BLE (Bluetooth Low
Energy) connectivity
• Lots of buttons for user input
• Can be powered from battery or USB
• Battery level detection circuit
• Digital audio/WAV file output to speaker
• Jumpers for Inter Integrated Circuits (I2C) bus and Universal Asynchronous Receive Transmit (UART)
• Can expect 6 to 8 hours of operation with a fresh, fully-charged battery.
• Includes a small kickstand 3D print design for holding the badge upright on your desk.


  • Fairly bulky compared to coin cell powered badges with e-Ink displays
  • Don’t expect 60Hz display refresh (closer to 1Hz for full screen)
  • Fairly quiet, low-fidelity sound from the button speaker/transducer.
  • As of yet, does not have a full enclosure 3D print design, though there is a handy snap-in hanger for a lanyard.

Full list of materials and steps to build can be found on the GitHub repo, and the PCB can be ordered from PCBWay:

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