Teensy R4ge Pro Badge

A couple years ago I did a workshop for CodeMash on building a portable gaming system based on the Teensy 4.1. This is an incredibly powerful microcontroller development board created by Paul Stoffregen over at PJRC. It’s powered by an NXP i.MX RT1062 crossover MCU with ARM Cortext-M7 running at 600 MHz. Despite its cutesy […]

ATtiny85 Neopixel Controller

The Atmel ATtiny85 is capable little 8-bit microcontroller that plays very well with the Arduino ecosystem. It also comes in a compact and maker-friendly 8-pin Dual Inline Package (DIP), operates on 5V, and costs less than two dollars – making it a great option for controlling some WS2812b RGB LEDs (aka “neopixels”.)

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